Selling a Home

Many factors go into pricing your home. A good place to start is looking at homes that have sold in your area.

The condition of the homes sold, square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, and year built must be compared to your home, along with many other variables, including curb appeal, staging, condition of your home, exterior structures, amenities, and the surrounding properties.  Some homes sold may have had updates such as new carpet, paint, new appliances, updated lighting, or updated bathrooms & kitchens which need to be considered.  You must also make sure to remove any stressed properties, such as foreclosures & REO’s, from your comparisons, to assure your property is priced accurately, in order to receive the highest sell price when asking buyers to consider paying the full asking price of the home we’re selling.  These are factors even the most complex algorithms used by Zillow and other internet sites can’t offer.  As you can see, many factors go into pricing a home and it’s easy for sellers to leave money on the table when selling by owner, so why take that risk when a qualified Realtor can make sure it’s priced right!

In my years of experience, the most common problem I’ve seen when home owners are considering selling their home is choosing a Realtor based on friendship or emotional connection.  While it may feel good to have fun conversations or discuss common interests with your Realtor, you must decide if fun conversations are your goal or if you want to put as much money in your pocket as you can.  With the right Realtor, you not only receive excellent customer service, but you also enlist expert guidance through the legal processes of selling your home, counsel on the many factors which help maximize the value potential of your home, a marketing specialist who can make sure your home receives maximum exposure to the broadest audience of buyers, and an experienced & well trained negotiator to close the deal at the highest possible sell price.  My decades of education, experience, and training other negotiators provides me with major advantages in this area, so I implore you consider this factor carefully when making your decision on who you choose to represent your best interests.

Over the last 20 years, my experience has provided me with concrete evidence that a home must be viewed, in person, for a true assessment of value.  Don’t make the mistake so many others do, of trusting web sites to tell you how much your home is worth.  I’ll be glad to email you a quick Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), but please realize more factors need to be assessed when pricing your home, so I can’t stand behind it’s accuracy unless I view the home in person.  I welcome your call if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

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