Meet Jeremy Hawk

I’m a life-long resident of Montgomery; attended Auburn University, AUM, TSUM, and the University of Innovative Distribution at Purdue; but, most importantly, I’m a proud father of two amazing boys.  In my spare time, I enjoy coaching several sports, traveling, camping, hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, enjoying time with family & friends, and I love every minute of it.  However, even when I’m enjoying some fun, I’ll always be available to you, so leave me a message if I don’t answer my phone and I’ll call you back very quickly!


In my career, I spent over 20 years climbing the ladder of a multi-million dollar corporation who operates internationally.  During this tenure, I managed the Purchasing Department for a full decade, handling strategic negotiations with a record-breaking success rate and assisted the partners in running the company by managing Operations, IT, and HR.  In addition to these responsibilities, in my final years, I established an all new retail division, created a tiered marketing plan & drove phenomenal revenue growth each year, for that division.  Finally, I also developed the infrastructure to establish a new distribution division for managing and distributing imported products across the entire nation.


On the side of my more than full-time career, I’ve also been investing in real estate, flipping properties, and managing properties since 1997.  I’ve been a landlord since that time, bought & sold countless homes through the decades, and performed most of the remodeling & renovation work myself, for each of the properties I flipped.  Any work I didn’t perform, I fully managed through completion.  This experience has given me a deep knowledge & understanding of homes, from the ground up.  But perhaps most importantly, these experiences have allowed me to obtain an immense understanding of the home buying and selling processes, which assure my clients they’ll be represented by a Realtor who can protect their best interests when buying or selling their largest assets.


After more than 20 years in the distribution & construction industries, I realized my passions involve working with homes & helping people achieve their goals.  In my career shift to full time real estate, I’ve made ethics & customer satisfaction my highest priority, utilizing my IT background to help sellers sell their homes as quickly as possible, and to help each client maximize their investments through strategic & creative negotiations – no matter which side of the transaction I may be representing.  I never stop continuing education and not only add new designations to my professional career list on an ongoing basis, but I’m continually taking classes & networking with other investors to make sure my knowledge of investment strategies and profit projection calculations stays ahead of the curve at all times.  By doing this, I not only I believe I’m able to help you create a more secure & desirable financial future, but I’m also able to provide you with more accurate projections for your investing future, once I help you find the right property which fits your investment strategy.  If you’re willing to put the time and energy it takes into the home or investment property search, I’m willing to guide you every step of the way, furnish you an endless supply of properties to review which will be narrowed down by the specific criteria you’re looking to find, manage all closing tasks to completion, and help you avoid any legal or financial pitfalls throughout the closing process.